Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reminders 11.23.06

What's up y'all. It's Christine over here with some news for all of you.

Registration for VMUN is currently not in service. They were having problems with their online registration form I imagine, since it wasn't working for us at school. So please remember to check often. The link is at the blogspot I made for WVSSMUN, and I think I'm going to be posting minutes there so everyone must bookmark and make sure you check often. The link is

Position Papers will be due probably next week. We're not sure just what we're going to do with them yet, but I'm sure I could arrange something with Alysha or Michelle.

Please make sure you guys are doing your work. If you're organizing fundraisers, keep at it (KEVIN. Call Tim Horton's tomorrow. in case you forget). If you're scouting please get some work done over the weekend. We're not being very productive and it's not good.

Oh just one more thing. For those of you who are in History and Geography IB and those of you I haven't talked to already, the forum will be changed. The old one was having problems and I thought we needed a fresh start for the year. so. is the link or you can just type in I think. So make sure you go and register.

Thanks everyone. Hope to see you next week.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Minutes Thursday Oct 26

Hi everyone, it's Christine again. :) Here are the minutes for Thursday.
The DOUGIMUN (If that's how you spell it) is held during Mar 8-11 and it was recommended by Mr. Byron. I think a lot of people want to go, just for the practice, right? So we're still thinking about that. The costs are $250 per person which means we have to get on it ASAP.
Krispy Kreme Fundraising organizers are Kevin and Julia. Help is very much appreciated, so if you wanna take the lead and organize it, please contact them and make sure you're working quickly.
We want the fundraiser on Mon Nov 15th. So there's your deadline guys.
Michelle talked about position papers today, and we will all get assignments next meeting.
Position papers are a one page statement on country's policies.
Major points of interest and concern
Possible solution to the issue in the POV of the country.
3 Main Parts
A brief background of the country, and of the issue
UN involvement
Country's policies and involvement (What your country has done in the past, etc).
We are all required to write two position papers for the conference as there will be two prepared topics.
I just want to remind Kelsey to make sure you look into the Marriott thing as well as hotels around the Marriott.
That's all for today, and have a marvelous day. :P

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Minutes Thursday Oct 19

Hi everybody. here's what we talked about at the meeting:

We raised $130 dollars at our first bake sale, which I personally think is very impressive. So we decided to have another bakesale this coming friday, and the people who volunteered to set up, etc are Claudia, Kyla, Catherine, James, Julia M., Julia H., and Pang IF anyone else wants to volunteer, just let either me or Alysha know and we'll make something work for you.

Our next fundraiser is going to be Krispy Kreme, and we need someone to organize it. Preferably one of our fundraiser organizing people. Just step up and make this one work!

And VERY IMPORTANT. Please read The Package!!! It has vital information about the organization and how Model UN works at actual conferences.
Michelle mentioned a couple of terms you need to familiarise yourself with and they are: motion, caucus, speakers list, and resolution
Caucus - moderated and unmoderated (8-10 mins of general talking)
Speakers List - speaking time is about 30 sec - 2 mins depending on the committee
Resolution - there are sponsors and signitaries. consists of a preamble which is the basic principle and then comes the "meat" of the resolution.
Crises may come up during the committee assembly, and it's basically to see what we can do under these random but not so random (?) circumstances.
Position papers. Alysha did point out that we will have work to do on this so...please read the package?

I believe next meeting is on Thursday yet again, because it's an EFGH day, and we missed friday, so ;P

So have a good one guys, and hope to see you soon.

P.S. If you're not a member of Model UN, will you please tell me so I can take you off the emailing list? I have a lot of people who aren't showing up but are still on the list.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Catherine's Update on BAKE SALE

Hey all!
> ok so here's the update on what you need to do and bring:
> 1. I talked to Mr. Bird and he is giving us change, so u DO NOT NEED TO> BRING $2.00.
> 2. Because of the amount of cash boxes that the school has, we can only do> two tables at the north campus cafeteria.
> 3. Because of the limitations of the tables, we do not need massiveamounts> of cookies. If you have already brought some, please e-mail me to tell me> how many and what type they are.
잸s I said before, if you feel that the> cookies you brought are not worth a dollar each, make a sign that says the> appropriate amount, for example: 2 for one dollar.
> 4. If you are bringing cookies please bring a large plate to put them on.
> 5. In terms of setup, there are a couple of people who volunteered for G> block set up. I will not be able to help you with that because I will bein> Biology, but I would like us to meet at recess to give you instructions on> what needs to be done. Please send me an e-mail notifying me if you areone> of these people.
> 6. We need about 8 people to volunteer for selling the cookies duringlunch.> Could you please send me an e-mail if you can and I will tell assign you a> table.>> That's all for now guys! Please feel free to e-mail me if you have a> suggestion or whatever. I'm counting on you to use common sense!! If you> don't feel something is right or need to talk to me about something,please> do so. We need this to run smoothly tomorrow in order to get some money!

>> Thanks, Catherine

>> P.S. Alysha, can you e-mail me I need to talk to you about where to store> the cookies.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hi everyone, it's Christine here with your beloved minutes. Here's what we discussed at today's meeting:

Vancouver vs. Ottawa

it's a long story really. Because Berkeley is during spring break and our teachers can't make it, it's really not possible. Plus, people have raised concerns about not being experienced enough in terms of fundraising, running a Model UN club, and perhaps that we would be better off at a local one than pushing ourselves too much to go to Ottawa. So the decision is Vancouver.

Ken Snider (welcome) also raised the suggestion that maybe we should host a mini or mock-conference at our school by inviting other schools, and we'd all get more practice that way, because most of us don't even understand how these conferences work. So..Ken, that's your job. :P

Now this is important!! We are holding a BAKE SALE, this FRIDAY. Please bring baked goods (bought or made) and some change and shoeboxes!, and you will be reimbursed later. But we just need some money and some goods to start us off, right? So volunteers for FRIDAY LUNCH, you must get out of G BLOCK early enough to set up tables and such. The volunteers are : Eddy, Jamie, Michelle, Alysha, Julia and Natasha. So you guys must be there. I will get back to everyone on how and where to leave your baked goods for the day.

Also, all members must read the package that was handed out today. If you didn't get one, ask for one from Michelle, I believe and she'll fill you in.

Next meeting is Thursday Oct 19th..

Thanks guys, and hope to see you all on Friday.
Christine Ko

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and bring a piece of news along as well.

I think we're just going to stick with small dreams for now. Just head over to the CANIMUN or the VMUN and experience what it's like to run a club, fundraise, and go to something like Model UN. Perhaps we could do it again next year and make it bigger then, but nothing's confirmed on that.

So :P Alysha's calling for a bake sale on Friday. Everyone can buy or make something to sell, right? :D


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers! Please pay attention to these ideas and give them some serious thought!

Here's what Jamie sent me. (stuff like this is work!) :

"Hey all,

Was just reading september's youthink, saw an article on it with fundraising ideas.

If you guys don't have a copy, here are some of the things:
1. Dance pass - discounted annual passes-i'm not too sure, how many dances do we have in a year anyway?
2. Garage Sale/Auction - gather stuff from home and sell them
3. Student Portraits - get students to draw pictures of others on the spot
4. Pet wash - wash pets (not cars)-i guess we could do that and/or car wash?
5. Breakfast club - make breakfast for people on the spot-the caf already offers breakfast right?6. Weekend Workout - make school gym available on weekends for student use
7. BBQ - BBQ food for people on the spot at school
8. Fun facts - come up with fun facts and sell them-i doubt this will work
9. Face painting - can be done before a school game, or on little kids (who love it)
10. Second-hand sale - sell leftover school supplies/notes etc.
11. School Fashion Show - charge for tickets and model voting-gogo kyla =D
12. Petting Zoo/ Pet-sitting - bring in pets and charge to let other people pet them etc.
13. Locker Priority - pay to pick locker of your choice -this is going to be difficult, i don't see how this is gonna work out
14. Early Dismissal Pass - pay to get out of class early for a sports game or something-this one's gonna be difficult too, but if we can get it to work it's gonna be hugely profitable

So yea, food for thought for the fundraising people. "

I think these are all excellent ideas and maybe we can all expand on them and come up with some more stuff. Kevin suggested a TOKafe thing which some of the students did in the past.

"hey.... just an idea.. there once were two guys.. who had an esspresso machine in our school.. they created a thing called TOKafe.. which sold coffe(things like latte, cappucino, caramel mochiatto....) which they sold at the begining of TOK classes... and they had their little operation.... its a bit difficult if you actually want to start it.. but it would create a steady flow of money.. and you would need to find ppl with spares during those blocks.... you can also make mixed drinks at lunch........ comment.... i was going to do this.. just to make ms matts happy... she kinda told me to do it last year... but i don't have spares.. but among the mun group there is bound to have someone have comment.."

Thanks to Jamie and Kevin for the great ideas. Fundraisers look into it. Please? :P

-Christine Ko


I need to know who would like to go to the Berkeley one and who would like to go to New York. If you don't answer I will track you down. :P

Reply please!

EDIT: Um...New York is now officially out of the question. The deadline is Oct 6th which is impossible to make without having anything done. So it's either Berkeley or Vancouver. Choose.

Meeting Wednesday October 4th 2006

So after a meeting with Mr. Bird in the morning with Alysha and Claudia, we realized how much work has to be put in. And this does not mean eventually or gradually. It means NOW. Like..presently. The forms are being filled out on Friday and Registration will be done by next week.

New developments at this meeting:
  • We need a minimum of 12 people to go to these conferences. The numbers can exceed this. We just get two countries instead of one. So please participate! We need more members!
  • If our fundraising money is not enough, it may be at most, $200 per person. None of us want to spend any more than we have to, which means work.
  • A new desire for a switch of locations has come up. Instead of going to the Model UN conference in Berkeley, people are now expressing desires to go to the one in New York City. Not because I'm biased or anything, but you have to admit that the experience is going to be that much better (although the financial trouble is that much bigger). If we get to work now, we can do it. How else would other high schools go to this conference? The NYC one is scheduled for Mar 7-10th and we may stay an extra day just to hang out at the Big Apple. :D
  • On a more personal note from me, if you're not at all enthusiastic or optimistic about this club, just don't come. Because it means nothing to any one of us. If you're willing to go, willing to do the work it takes, please by all means, start now.
  • One more thing, we need two fundraisers done by the end of this month. So fundraisers, please get started, NOW.
  • I will be sending out emails on top of the updating the blog, but more up-to-date information will be on the blog as I am more on the computer and it's easier for me to contact everyone this way and other things like choosing can just reply.

Hope you guys can get used to the blog. Thanks a bunch.

-Christine Ko

New Blog!

I don't know..I just thought we might be able to keep track of things here. So news, minutes, etc will go here. Polls will be here as well. I just thought it might be better than a forum. :D